Senin, 28 Mei 2012

Bloggy Doggy

Hey bloggy doggy, sorry for lefting you almost three months. Feel cold here, lol. I did a lot of things for this few months. Not to far from my scene, still on music. I must take the lead of all the great things before school exam coming up next week. I got problems with my family about this, I left my duty as a man who stand up to reach my dreams one day, and its without the things that I like. It makes me insane, really. I got mad with my mom, feel sorry mom. I know you care with me, I love you. still curious with what I do? You gotta check up later.

I left my hometown last month, nice holiday with my friends. eat was good, coaster was great, drop me back with time machine. sometimes I feel I'm getting old. my brain is full of shit and I don't wanna know.

And great news from school, congrats for my seniors. They passed national exam completely. And its 100%. And congrats for you too dina, I love you. I don’t know what will happen on my generation next. Hope its success too. And this afternoon, I take on to university Batanghari jambi to have great rock party. Saint loco screamed up the line of all bloods from locos family. It was great, major sweat  was likes water salt from this body. Hip rock still their best up line to make this crowd going crazy.

Wait? Need some pics? Alright, no pic = hoax. I give you this little shits
Fuck the resolution!