Senin, 31 Oktober 2011


Bring all the scenes to the stars, no matter what people say about us. we will rock your brain!

What would you do today ?

When the day is coming out, just take ur seatbelt, do something or die for nothing. skip the mouth, flush the bunk, fight your shadow to nut up or shut up.

Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Hal absurd? ya mungkin

Ok, udah lama gak balik kesini. lagi bener bener gak mood buat update. minggu yang bener bener padat, full ulangan, ditambah jadwal deadline gue buat nulis lagu dan design wallpaper, ditambah jadwal GNG perform buat ngisi ngisi acara kecil sekolah, dan ditambah segala tete bengek hal lainnya.
buat foto foto perform GNG ntar bakal gue post di next update.

Bentar.. kangen liat tampang absurd gue, hahaha. taaaadaaaaa

                                   Tambah aneh, yaa sedikit mungkin..

Have a nice sunday guys, just little update. dots ;)

Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011


Our new jersey already done, we'll prepare for this war. first match on this league, see you on saturday, 22 october 2011


Did I call this suck? forget it.

Midnight is long gone
Maybe it has more space to do something when single time is coming up. your eyes burn a bit, your head spaces out, random arms or legs starts throbbing, and maybe your scalp gets really, really, really, really itchy. what would you take for your breakfast ? absolutely not a message with a text " Good morning baby ". crap, crap, fuckin' crap. spend the time with a lot things to do, hit the stage, studio time update, football match, covering, and everything. staying looking at paper on your desk, see out there have so many things that might to be write. a little song ? yes, it could be the one.
go hang out with a girl, and your friends look at you on cinema, and they said is it your new?

a good friend of mine said to me just the other night,
" you must stop to give all of your attentions to every girls, dude "

sure, i'll gonna keep that on my mind, thanks.

by the end of a crowded day, after having too much fun, i always feel sorry and lonely. yes, time surely fly fast.
maybe it could just take some eyes on some words on other blog.
stop looking for the right girl, try to be the right guy.

Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

God N' Guns studio time

this are some old photos of GNG, just take around for this studio update.

well.. some nice pictures maybe

25 things that i would do if you're mine

1. Make you smile when you are down
2. Try to secretly smell your hair, but you always notice
3. Stick up to you, but still respect your independence
4. Give you the remote control everytime we watch tv
5. Come up behind you and put my arms around you
6. Play with your hair
7. My hand will always find your hand
8. Be cute when i really want something
9. Offer you plenty of massages
10. Dance with you, even if i feel like a dork
11. Never run out of love
12. Be funny, but know when to be serious
13. Realize im being funny when i need to be serious
14. Be patient when you take forever to get ready
15. React so cutely when you hit me, though it actually hurts
16. Smile a lot
17. Plan a romantic date full of things i wouldnt normally do because i know it means a lot to you
18. Appreciate you
19. Help others out
20. Drive for hours just to see you
21. Always give you a kiss when you leave, even when my friends are watching
22. Sing even if i cant
23. Always try to make you laugh
24. Stare at you
25. Call for no reason

Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

big DAMN week, big GREAT week

Could not move too much on this week. my left knee took hard burden, really big pain on it. too much schedule of football friendlymatch against our rivals. and i had faced so many exam on this three fuckin weeks, physics, chemist, and another bla .. bla .. bla ..
pupils grow wide and hearts thump fast as brains jolt and thoughts rollercoaster around, when the jamming time with God N' Guns on satria studio. i had big progressive time to hit the drums and make this fingers were blood.
it is still my single time, no more special message from someone. i mean, its just like the door opens to you on the porch in your just-washed jeans and crispy clean shirt staring into a sweaty sea of strange faces. 
Really so damn fuckin' week ..

I had finished to write 5 songs on my notebook, still on my way. and, you know how it goes: something weird like coagulate, vexed, or perforated leaps into your temporal lobe and wedges itself there tightly, grabbing a beer, putting its feet up, making itself at home. really so awful lyrics.
I had covering some songs too into video, some songs just like: I ruin your life, the art of high school break up, if the moon fell down tonight, a little too not over you, and many more
and tonight I see Indonesia vs Arab saudi match on TV, the score it was still 0 - 0. it think it should be great match.
Really so great week

                                                   I'm not in mood, nice black guitar.

Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

This is one part of the way of happiness

It was just happen this morning, I wasn't in a good mood to wake up. last night a watched fast and furious 4 and fell a sleep on 02.13 AM. and i must wake on 04.00 AM just because my handphone was ringing loudly. nope, it wasn't just for one time, but nine times. oh c'mon. I still need to close this eyes.
but, I felt something wrong, I laid on something. when I see my handphone, 9 new messages. it was so funny, it was still dawn, not morning anymore. and I checked it from who
and now, it was not really matter from who the messages were, but it was about the news.
i saw the news that make heart attack and boom shockwave, really.

                                                Bad news from this android

He was my senior in my high school year. really great senior. he was my friend too. not too close, but it's nice to ever have a friend just like him. he was passed on 03.00 AM cause of bone cancer. ( I ever write post about this, check my older post ).
I still remembered, when I visited him three weeks ago in hospital. he smiled, he just wanted to look happy in front of us, although he had really big pain. he is really really strong guy.

And when I took my way into school, I felt different atmosphere. all people sorrowed for him, all people missed him already. I saw some was crying. my school was grieving today, but this is life. we derive from God, and would be going to God.
R.I.P Muhammad Iqbal Adheka Pratama. 06-10-2011
He'll always live inside our hearts. so long, wish you get a better place there. amin


Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011


The girl
"You're prolly getting ready, hahaha I can imagine you fussing around in your room. Hahaha and your fat belly :( I miss you like a lot, I miss watching movies in ur room and not watching it. :( I miss our midnight calls sampe sampe harus telkomsel yang matiin hahaha.. I miss your random pick ups.. I miss your hair, yeah I do ur soft hair :'( I miss leaning on ur shoulders, I miss the way our hands would touch.. Its only been one month, but fuckyeahimissyou :( I miss ur lame jokes, corny pick up lines and how u would 'bullshit' a lot like a lot."

The boy
"At first it was only physical attraction, and then you let me get to know you more, and then your sense of style fits mine, you listen to the music I listen to, and the french fries thingy that was just too sweet.. You let me touched you, our hearts touched, we exchanged body heat, and then came love, and I knew it since then I would never let go, and for all of this, I will wait for you"

i see the sky is bright when i see you 
then it turned to grey and somehow i'm addicted to you
i can't control my mind and my emotion

now you're gone this emptiness inside is too deep for me
and i admit that i'm addicted to you
i need you in my life so why can't we be?

why can't we figure out 'bout something i feel empty
i shouldn't have let me drown to deep
and tell me can i reach the bottom so i'll be reaching out through burst
and i'll fly, so high.

Repost from Alditsa Sadega.

Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

A Song to Your Favorite Cupcakes

Here is my stuff that I write in to you.


Verse 1 :
Let's bring this to the air
Another damn story just happen
Would you will remember?
When we drunk together

Bridge :
This is so our last year
Let’s take the punk show tonight

Reff :
Grab your guitar
Slap on your bass
Scream loud of your voices tonight
Let me see you in the star
Listen me to stay to in punk
Be great scene to number one
Everynight everytime

Verse 2 :
The sun is going down
See the girls hit the floor
Listening some SID songs
Make this brain going wrong

Bridge :
This is so our last year
Let’s take the punk show tonight

Reff :

Grab your guitar
Slap on your bass
Scream loud of  your voices tonight
Let me see you in the star
Listen me to stay to in punk
Be great scene to number one
Everynight everytime

Chorus :
Don’t let the story end
Cus we already step here
We trust in punk
Stop to said fucking bunk to me

Reff :

Grab your guitar
Slap on your bass
Scream loud of  your voices tonight
Let me see you in the star
Listen me to stay to in punk
Be great scene to number one
Everynight everytime


Verse I :
See this dark room, so empty
Feel so lonely everytime
They said, I’m addicted to you
Cross part of my life
Just to forget all about you

Reff :
See the movie going end
With another laugh and tears
Just like life that we take
Some old stories gonna break

Verse 2 :
When I’m holding your hand
This feeling of caring nothing about
What's gonna happen tomorrow?
Would you comeback?

Reff :
See the movie going end
With another laugh and tears
Just like life that we take
Some old stories gonna break

When I’m back to the old story
And when i look you right in the eyes
I smile, I laugh
And it starts all over again
All over again