Sabtu, 14 September 2013

Favorite Sound

I pray for the sky and ground to be with me
I'm gazing at that tiny little feeling
I wanna be your shinning star, and cross the world
To always stay awake and guard your sleeping

To whom I won't ever reach
Chillin' with you on sunday afternoon would be great
Driving around and tell our stories
If there's any chance, shall we spin another round?

You're voice is my favorite sound
You light my day even brighter than the sun
You are the rain that came with reason
You turn my world upside down

You could be Mary-Jane, and I could be ur spiderman
I wanna love you like I love my favorite band
Never gets old, and it might sounds odd
I still believe someday we will share the same road

Even if things won't work out
Only you I can think about
Kill me, I'm dying to see that adorable smile
Your hands were holding my heart



Rabu, 17 Juli 2013


So much for dreaming

And it starts all over again, in time.

I find something, the real thing.


I become knowing you, and it’s just like coccaine.

So addictive.

Do I fall for you? I'm not sure yet.

But,  the whole days getting better and better.

I love the way how you laughs,

And the way how you talks.

And I start missing you every night.

I start dreaming you in every sleeps.

Insane, huh?

Conversations, late night texts.

Photos, words, phrases, poems, songs.

I’m not hoping.  I just…

And then I realize, days turn anything.

You’re change.

And it becomes so clear that you’re so far.

I’m not expecting.

It’s just not so easy.

I can’t be whatever I want.

All I’ll ever be is a slow, pale, hunched-over, dead-eyed zombie.

What did I think was gonna happen?

That she'd actually want to stay with me?

It’s hopeless.

This is what I get for wanting more.

I should just be happy with what I had.

Jumat, 24 Mei 2013

cosmological coincidence

I have seen you again, on rain.

I got my eyes on you, and i feel warm.

Its a good day huh? Perfect day to say something?

I still stared on yours

Is it cosmological coincidence? I mean, last cosmological coincidence.

Maybe, i wouldn't stay no longer, another city sounds good.

Could you say few words? and we'd do nothing.

Surely, its crap.

Maybe we could have a date sometimes, i mean the real date.

On the other line, other time

Rabu, 15 Mei 2013

ut omnes unum sint, credat mundum

20 things that make a girl super cute, here's my brain :

1. If i ask about music, she'll answer sleeping with sirens, blink 182, asking alexandria, etc.

2. Watching movies in my room.

3. Talk much than me, and silent when she should be.

4. Stare on my eyes, while i stare on her eyes. its amazing ^^

5. Laughing on my joke althought thats not funny anymore.

6. Get her time what she should be. when should be feminine, when should be masculine.

7. Good kisser

8. Short haired girl.

9. Come to my show, be the girl of the rock show.

10. Driving around together without any destination.

11. Wearing vans, converse, nike, macbeth.

12. Leaning on my shoulder.

13. Do something weirdos everytime, and being crazy.

14. A good reader for my blog, a good listener for my talk.

15. Smart girl, but idiot about the way cheating on me. i got my eyes on you!

16. Forthright against everything.

17. Do midnight conversation on phone until fell asleep.

18. Talk in car for a few hours.

19. Love me for what it is, not for something. you assholes!

20. Let me know about her family ^^


Kamis, 09 Mei 2013

Rabu, 08 Mei 2013


I guess this is my alter ego. side things of my bad and good which take me along on universe. this makes me life when before i was a walking dead man. i don't know what i supposed to do. a good friend of mine said " you're better to move, but you should do something right. not the way how you did before ". I'm a bad boy but I'm not a jerk at all. the walls laughing me, the sounds of morning are taking me to right place that i need to release all bads, and memorabilias. you could find me somewhere when I'm alone if you're getting lucky. I'm tired with all fake dramas, when people need to be looks good in front of douchebags. so you're douchebag. i was keeping my alter ego before, so now i should throw it away. it's amazing to be yourself.

i have a quotes that i found when i was blogwalking. happy is when you know you share it with the right person. and the saddest part is feeling happy but knowing that we're not meant to be. (sadega)

and you'd been better to die.


kangen ya.. hehe