Sabtu, 14 September 2013

Favorite Sound

I pray for the sky and ground to be with me
I'm gazing at that tiny little feeling
I wanna be your shinning star, and cross the world
To always stay awake and guard your sleeping

To whom I won't ever reach
Chillin' with you on sunday afternoon would be great
Driving around and tell our stories
If there's any chance, shall we spin another round?

You're voice is my favorite sound
You light my day even brighter than the sun
You are the rain that came with reason
You turn my world upside down

You could be Mary-Jane, and I could be ur spiderman
I wanna love you like I love my favorite band
Never gets old, and it might sounds odd
I still believe someday we will share the same road

Even if things won't work out
Only you I can think about
Kill me, I'm dying to see that adorable smile
Your hands were holding my heart



Rabu, 17 Juli 2013


So much for dreaming

And it starts all over again, in time.

I find something, the real thing.


I become knowing you, and it’s just like coccaine.

So addictive.

Do I fall for you? I'm not sure yet.

But,  the whole days getting better and better.

I love the way how you laughs,

And the way how you talks.

And I start missing you every night.

I start dreaming you in every sleeps.

Insane, huh?

Conversations, late night texts.

Photos, words, phrases, poems, songs.

I’m not hoping.  I just…

And then I realize, days turn anything.

You’re change.

And it becomes so clear that you’re so far.

I’m not expecting.

It’s just not so easy.

I can’t be whatever I want.

All I’ll ever be is a slow, pale, hunched-over, dead-eyed zombie.

What did I think was gonna happen?

That she'd actually want to stay with me?

It’s hopeless.

This is what I get for wanting more.

I should just be happy with what I had.

Jumat, 24 Mei 2013

cosmological coincidence

I have seen you again, on rain.

I got my eyes on you, and i feel warm.

Its a good day huh? Perfect day to say something?

I still stared on yours

Is it cosmological coincidence? I mean, last cosmological coincidence.

Maybe, i wouldn't stay no longer, another city sounds good.

Could you say few words? and we'd do nothing.

Surely, its crap.

Maybe we could have a date sometimes, i mean the real date.

On the other line, other time

Rabu, 15 Mei 2013

ut omnes unum sint, credat mundum

20 things that make a girl super cute, here's my brain :

1. If i ask about music, she'll answer sleeping with sirens, blink 182, asking alexandria, etc.

2. Watching movies in my room.

3. Talk much than me, and silent when she should be.

4. Stare on my eyes, while i stare on her eyes. its amazing ^^

5. Laughing on my joke althought thats not funny anymore.

6. Get her time what she should be. when should be feminine, when should be masculine.

7. Good kisser

8. Short haired girl.

9. Come to my show, be the girl of the rock show.

10. Driving around together without any destination.

11. Wearing vans, converse, nike, macbeth.

12. Leaning on my shoulder.

13. Do something weirdos everytime, and being crazy.

14. A good reader for my blog, a good listener for my talk.

15. Smart girl, but idiot about the way cheating on me. i got my eyes on you!

16. Forthright against everything.

17. Do midnight conversation on phone until fell asleep.

18. Talk in car for a few hours.

19. Love me for what it is, not for something. you assholes!

20. Let me know about her family ^^


Kamis, 09 Mei 2013

Rabu, 08 Mei 2013


I guess this is my alter ego. side things of my bad and good which take me along on universe. this makes me life when before i was a walking dead man. i don't know what i supposed to do. a good friend of mine said " you're better to move, but you should do something right. not the way how you did before ". I'm a bad boy but I'm not a jerk at all. the walls laughing me, the sounds of morning are taking me to right place that i need to release all bads, and memorabilias. you could find me somewhere when I'm alone if you're getting lucky. I'm tired with all fake dramas, when people need to be looks good in front of douchebags. so you're douchebag. i was keeping my alter ego before, so now i should throw it away. it's amazing to be yourself.

i have a quotes that i found when i was blogwalking. happy is when you know you share it with the right person. and the saddest part is feeling happy but knowing that we're not meant to be. (sadega)

and you'd been better to die.


kangen ya.. hehe

Noted, night draft

Sesuatu yang buat lo susah tidur, sesuatu yang buat lo ngayal ga karuan, yang lo ketawa sendiri,  yang lo senyum senyum sendiri, sms telfon yang selalu lo tungguin walaupun ga tau kenapa, yang ditingal bentar tapi udah ngerasa kangen bgt, suatu perasaan yang lo sendiri ga ngerti apa sebenarnya ini, apa yang sebenarnya terjadi.

Yang ketika ngeluarin kegilaan yang tersembunyi dari diri lo, ketika lo grogi buat sok jaim, ketika lo yang terpana ketika liat dia senyum, ketawa. Suara dia, ketawa dia, lucu lucuan dia,

Kadang gue terlalu egois yang terlalu terjebak dalam masalalu gue, sikap buruk yang terlalu membanding bandingkan sehingga dampaknya malah jadi ke hubungan yang selanjutnya.

Mungkin benar cinta punya tanggal kadaluarsa, sperti film yang barusan gue nonton, dan gue yakin lo juga pasti nonton. tapi ego yang yang menjebak ga akan pernah nuntun dalam keindahan masa depan. yang lo banyakan mikir, banyakan mau. yang perlu lo lakuin adalah nemuin sesuatu yang ngebuat lo seperti orang ga waras.

Semua orang punya kelebihan dan kekurangan masing masing yang perlu dilakuin adalah bagaimana cara menerima semua itu dalam kenyamanan. dan ini bukan tentang hal ketikan sms atau ucapan "aku sayang kamu" yang sarat akan makna namun nihil tindakan, tapi lebih ke "aku mau nangis, aku mau jd pesuruh, aku mau ketawa, aku mau bahagia, aku mau sakit, aku rela apapun asal bisa sama kamu" karna serpihan bahagia itu adalah sakit dan seneng bareng kamu. mungkin emg ga mudah, tapi gue yakin tanpa terjebak pun nemuin sesuatu hal yang bikin lo ga bisa tidur karna cuma mikirin ketawa dan suara dia pasti akan datang.

Night noted.

Senin, 22 April 2013

More words to talked

the girl talked. the boy talked. they stared each other on their second eyes. situation changed. they problably won't say anything. but it can no longer detained.

this is not working.

what do you want to say?

i just..can't.

about what? can't we spoil this situation?

i've told you before. you're not even here. too many talked. all people behind you and me, you deserve better. than me.

i don't understand. i can't let you. go.

even more we continue this. that would be worse

they talked. talked. talked. and talked. the girl remained confident with hers. the boy's mind just though about what he should do on future. they leaved each other. leaved. cried. loved. forgot. in a good way.

the girl said. this is better. and she believed. the boy took her hands. no i'm not. in every single eyes, they could see the hearts still could to keep. but the egos made it not. and the memories flew away.

Kamis, 18 April 2013


one day i will find you even when you're not around.


"Times running fast" itu adalah kata kata yang sering diucapin tapi gak sering dirasain. dan sekarang waktu berjalan cepat banget, dari yang sebelum sebelumnya gue rasain. berharap waktu mundur itu sama aja kayak nungguin tai ayam jadi manis. mungkin pengibaratannya terlalu aneh, tapi menurut gue waktu bisa berputar balik dan kadang kita ga sadar, dan itu namanya deja vu. sama kayak tai ayam bisa jd rasa coklat kalo lagi jatuh cinta. mustahil, tp ga mustahil. ibaratnya sih gitu.

dari jaman 2010 gue nginjakin kaki dan raga disalah satu sekolah di sebuah kota yg damai. sorry deh kalo flashback... disini gue ngerasa hidup. gue belajar banyak banget hal, dari yang baik, buruk, sampe kakek neneknya buruk.

hidup disini diibaratin sebuah kapal yang ngikutin arus, lo mau gunain dayung lo buat ngelawan arus atau tetep stay pada jalur arus lo, dan gak terkadang ngikutin arus malah buat kapal lo berujung karam. dan gue termasuk orang yang terkadang memakai dayung dan mengikuti arus. ada disaat bandel bandel nya banget, ada disaat alim alimnya banget. dan itulah highschool year gue. masa dimana penuh hitam-puti pro-kontra.
masih inget dimana jaman pertama gue masuk, masih keliatan banget cupunya, anehnya, dongonya. masih keliatan mana anak yang belagu, modis, dan idiot. kayak rusa gaulnya sama rusa, singa ya sama singa, dan keledai sama keledai. waktu itu sih gue kayaknya keledai, msh tampang idiot bgt.

first year gue had a lot things. more fun, more confused. tahun dimana masih nyari partner yang tepat, cinta yang tepat, tempat yang tepat. i thought, i had taken the right things but it wasn't at all. highschool adalah tempat dimana sebuah analogi pikiran harus sesuai dengan otak seseorang. istilahnya kalo lo ngelakuin sesuatu yg aneh, lo bakal dianggap freak. gue ngelakuin banyak hal yang diluar pikiran orang, dan banyak resiko yang gue ambil ditahun pertama. gue hitam dan juga putih.

highschool was perfect, and its almost over. banyak banget yang bakal dikangenin. bandel bareng, seneng bareng, susah bareng, ga punya duit bareng, ngumpul bareng, tidur bareng, ketawa bareng, minggat bareng, main musik bareng, apa apa bareng. nemuin cinta, dibunuh cinta. nemuin mimpi, dibunuh celotehan.
dan sudah saatnya kita masuk ke fase hidup yang berbeda, menutup langkah untuk sebuah langkah baru yang lebih besar. membawa cerita dimasalalu untuk cerita dimasa depan.


Jumat, 08 Februari 2013

Ten Folds Apology

Midnight Dream

Waktu.. semua berjalan beriringan. waktu yang menjadi pelajaran, waktu yang menjadi penyembuh, waktu yang menjadi teman, dan segalanya. ketika sebuah titik datang baik itu atas maupun bawah, itu mengklisekan bahwa perjalanan hidup masih berjalan. masih ada orang tertawa dan masih ada orang termenung. delapan bulan tertawa berjalan berujung sedih. kadang hal berjalan bagai jalan yang tak pernah berpindah, tapi bagai mengikuti alur. berpindah, tapi tak harus berpindah tempat..

Masalalu kembali... bintang tak kan pernah redup, bulan pun begitu. bagai nafas yang selalu menyertai hidup dikala kau hidup, dan berhenti dikala kau mati. perjalanan yang dilalui, semua tawa, pelukan, pukulan yang dilakukan dalam balik rahasia tak kan pernah nyata dalam cerita. mungkin dilain cerita, disaat bulan meredup..

Hidup.. sebuah bayang hitam menyelimuti pundak. penghapus beban menjadi hal yang berarti. arah yang menentukan, dan mata yang menunjukan. sebuah cahaya terang terlihat indah diantara semua semu. dan kaki pun berjalan mengikuti cahaya itu, kaki yang berat pun terasa ringan, mata yg gelap pun terasa terang. apakah ini tempat yang benar untuk meletakkan sesuatu, mungkin ya..