Sabtu, 14 September 2013

Favorite Sound

I pray for the sky and ground to be with me
I'm gazing at that tiny little feeling
I wanna be your shinning star, and cross the world
To always stay awake and guard your sleeping

To whom I won't ever reach
Chillin' with you on sunday afternoon would be great
Driving around and tell our stories
If there's any chance, shall we spin another round?

You're voice is my favorite sound
You light my day even brighter than the sun
You are the rain that came with reason
You turn my world upside down

You could be Mary-Jane, and I could be ur spiderman
I wanna love you like I love my favorite band
Never gets old, and it might sounds odd
I still believe someday we will share the same road

Even if things won't work out
Only you I can think about
Kill me, I'm dying to see that adorable smile
Your hands were holding my heart