Sabtu, 19 November 2011

More talk! autobots.

Notes still add on my writes when confuses come and never end. I bet on my destiny, all the things that would happen tomorrow not yesterday. believe, and remind of something.
all late night conversation, marsupial eyes, and everything that we do yesterday, at the past, give more strength to face the future although you ever feel so bad. broken, betrayal, and also that's about love

Love. I passed month by month without you. 

Hey, ever you look my eyes when i see your eyes?

We never even look at each other again since our end

Did you hate me?

Forget it, maybe. take it back.

And you, my future.
Emm. I maybe suck for love, witnessed me being a worthless shit. stop laughing on me, okay!
i just take my life as nice as possible.
Hey C , would you be part of my life? and now, talk about future, because there is no victory without sacrifice

Emm.. wait, its 00:00 20-11-2011 nice date
no, i mean nice film. transformers.. emm.. i mean.. forget it

wow, who is he?

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Raghvendra Sugar(Sarah) mengatakan...

bentuk foto tuh ga, -_-

Amanda Tennyson mengatakan...

bukannya itu...... -_-