Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

No Time For Regret (NTFR)

My new band project beside GNG. NTFR is Pop Core ( Pop-Punk Hardcore) / Easycore band from jambi, NTFR was made from the main man behind this project, David Jr. Dave invited some personnels of some punk bands to get the catchy project of melodic storing sounds #3 event on this coming up january. NTFR caught up from five outdoor teens who want to break the system of melodic world. the differences among the five personnels make this project get more colorful. with the different way before, like the band where we came from, Morning afternoon, God N' Guns, Dhip Plow Phia. took some influences like King of Panda, Chunk!No Captain Chunk!, Four Year Strong, Blink 182, etc. creating new fresh line musics from deep drop distortion mode, and epic wave of synthesizer on triple beat drums on bass line. still on Pop Punk, but breakdown, shout, growl, and scream have as one packet on it.
this are the five idiot kids:

- David Jr (@Davesweethome) : Synthesizer, keys, squencer

- Yogha Pratama (@yoghapratama) : Voc, Guitar, Loops

- Deddy Batra (@DeddyBatra) : Voc, Guitar, Loops

- Muhammad Garby (@MuhammadGarby) : Backvoc, Bass

- Nico Prasetiawan (@NicooPrasetia) : Drums, Loops

Follow us @NTFRawks

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