Rabu, 08 Mei 2013


I guess this is my alter ego. side things of my bad and good which take me along on universe. this makes me life when before i was a walking dead man. i don't know what i supposed to do. a good friend of mine said " you're better to move, but you should do something right. not the way how you did before ". I'm a bad boy but I'm not a jerk at all. the walls laughing me, the sounds of morning are taking me to right place that i need to release all bads, and memorabilias. you could find me somewhere when I'm alone if you're getting lucky. I'm tired with all fake dramas, when people need to be looks good in front of douchebags. so you're douchebag. i was keeping my alter ego before, so now i should throw it away. it's amazing to be yourself.

i have a quotes that i found when i was blogwalking. happy is when you know you share it with the right person. and the saddest part is feeling happy but knowing that we're not meant to be. (sadega)

and you'd been better to die.

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