Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

This is one part of the way of happiness

It was just happen this morning, I wasn't in a good mood to wake up. last night a watched fast and furious 4 and fell a sleep on 02.13 AM. and i must wake on 04.00 AM just because my handphone was ringing loudly. nope, it wasn't just for one time, but nine times. oh c'mon. I still need to close this eyes.
but, I felt something wrong, I laid on something. when I see my handphone, 9 new messages. it was so funny, it was still dawn, not morning anymore. and I checked it from who
and now, it was not really matter from who the messages were, but it was about the news.
i saw the news that make heart attack and boom shockwave, really.

                                                Bad news from this android

He was my senior in my high school year. really great senior. he was my friend too. not too close, but it's nice to ever have a friend just like him. he was passed on 03.00 AM cause of bone cancer. ( I ever write post about this, check my older post ).
I still remembered, when I visited him three weeks ago in hospital. he smiled, he just wanted to look happy in front of us, although he had really big pain. he is really really strong guy.

And when I took my way into school, I felt different atmosphere. all people sorrowed for him, all people missed him already. I saw some was crying. my school was grieving today, but this is life. we derive from God, and would be going to God.
R.I.P Muhammad Iqbal Adheka Pratama. 06-10-2011
He'll always live inside our hearts. so long, wish you get a better place there. amin


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Raghvendra Sugar mengatakan...

oh man T^T

Yogha Pratama mengatakan...

he still in our hearts :')