Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Did I call this suck? forget it.

Midnight is long gone
Maybe it has more space to do something when single time is coming up. your eyes burn a bit, your head spaces out, random arms or legs starts throbbing, and maybe your scalp gets really, really, really, really itchy. what would you take for your breakfast ? absolutely not a message with a text " Good morning baby ". crap, crap, fuckin' crap. spend the time with a lot things to do, hit the stage, studio time update, football match, covering, and everything. staying looking at paper on your desk, see out there have so many things that might to be write. a little song ? yes, it could be the one.
go hang out with a girl, and your friends look at you on cinema, and they said is it your new?

a good friend of mine said to me just the other night,
" you must stop to give all of your attentions to every girls, dude "

sure, i'll gonna keep that on my mind, thanks.

by the end of a crowded day, after having too much fun, i always feel sorry and lonely. yes, time surely fly fast.
maybe it could just take some eyes on some words on other blog.
stop looking for the right girl, try to be the right guy.

2 komentar:

Raghvendra Sugar(Sarah) mengatakan...

hahaha yeah, finally you know what should you do ~('_')~

Yogha Pratama mengatakan...

sure, i do :)