Senin, 22 April 2013

More words to talked

the girl talked. the boy talked. they stared each other on their second eyes. situation changed. they problably won't say anything. but it can no longer detained.

this is not working.

what do you want to say?

i just..can't.

about what? can't we spoil this situation?

i've told you before. you're not even here. too many talked. all people behind you and me, you deserve better. than me.

i don't understand. i can't let you. go.

even more we continue this. that would be worse

they talked. talked. talked. and talked. the girl remained confident with hers. the boy's mind just though about what he should do on future. they leaved each other. leaved. cried. loved. forgot. in a good way.

the girl said. this is better. and she believed. the boy took her hands. no i'm not. in every single eyes, they could see the hearts still could to keep. but the egos made it not. and the memories flew away.

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Ekky Aulia mengatakan...

your english is good! :) selalu ada aku jika kau sedang bersedih hati, kawan

Yogha Pratama mengatakan...
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